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Upcoming Events

Governing Board Meeting
Date: 11/1/2016, 6 PM 8 PM
Location: Boardroom-Papago West 2052 N. 36th St., 85008
No School-Veteran's Day
Date: 11/11/2016
Executive Session (M&C)
Date: 11/15/2016, 5 PM 6 PM
Location: Conference Room-Papago West 2052 N. 36th St., 85008
Governing Board Meeting
Date: 11/15/2016, 6 PM 8 PM
Location: Boardroom-Papago West 2052 N. 36th St., 85008
Community Council Meeting
Date: 11/17/2016, 5:45 PM 7:30 PM
Location: Loma Linda School Multipurpose Room (rear parking) 2002 E. Clarendon St, 85016
No School-Thanksgiving Break
Date: 11/24/2016
No School-Thanksgiving Break
Date: 11/25/2016
Native American Parent Meeting
Date: 12/1/2016, 6 PM 8 PM

News and Announcements

Thank You Creighton Community for Supporting Our Schools

Thank you for your support of your neighborhood public schools through the November 2014 passage of overrides for operational and capital expenditures. Maintenance and Operations Override funds allow us to provide students with needed services, including:
• Full-day kindergarten
• Art, music, and physical education instruction
• Programs for gifted and high-achieving students
• Nurses

The District Additional Assistance Override provides capital funding for critical learning resources, including:
• Textbooks,
• Curricular materials
• Computing devices that directly support instruction

The State Has Cut Creighton’s Funds More Than $12 Million over the Past Eight Years

State budget cuts totaling more than $12 million over the past eight years, would have left Creighton without the capacity to provide for these needs.* Thanks to your support Creighton is efficiently leveraging the funds supplied by property tax dollars** to provide a quality education to students in our community. The funds not only provide classroom teachers, they have a direct impact on the learning of individual students by providing the tools they need for successful learning.

In Place of Funding, Schools Continue to Receive Various Plans and Proposals

Education funding continues to take a back seat to other priorities –
• Despite overwhelming voter support for education funding
• Despite court orders demanding schools receive voter mandated funding that has been withheld
• Despite a state budget surplus

Rather than receiving desperately needed funding, schools continue to receive various plans and proposals for the possibility of future funding. These plans and proposals have done little to help as the cost of operating schools has increased while Creighton’s per student funding was reduced from $8,806 per student in 2009 to $7,862 in fiscal year 2014.*

Without Sufficient State Funding, Schools Depend on Local Property Taxes

Without a sufficient, stable, and reliable source of funds from the state, neighborhood schools are increasingly supported by local property taxes to provide teachers for full-day kindergarten instruction and to replace the nearly eliminated Capital funds that would have been used to replace aging curricular materials, ten-year old computers, and failing technology infrastructure. Despair over the fact that even with this support Arizona students receive less funding than students in almost any other state would be easy, but Creighton Schools are instead finding hope in your willingness to do what you can to finance the future of our neighborhoods, our community, and the children who are the future of the State of Arizona.

Actions speak louder than words, and our way of thanking you is our pledge to provide every Creighton student with a world-class education.

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