Creighton Community voted YES to approve the Creighton School District bond!

Dear Creighton Community ,

I am pleased to announce that the Creighton Community voted YES to approve the Creighton School District bond! This means, the district will be authorized to issue and sell up to $85,000,000 principal amount of school improvement bonds over the next 10 years. The money can only be used for capital items and improvements to existing facilities, such as buildings or renovating a school or purchasing school buses.

In addition to the bond passing, all three incumbent board members were reelected to their positions as Creighton Governing Board Members. Congratulations to Jeanne Casteen, Annette Sexton-Ruiz, and Amy McSheffrey.

Many of you were instrumental in helping the district establish the need for the bond. The Governing Board and the community heard you and supported your recommendations. The projects you helped prioritize based on community and staff input are listed below. Your continued feedback will help guide these ongoing capital projects.


Dr. Donna W. Lewis



*Below is a list of bond projects:


  •      Rebuild two schools.
  •      Construct additional or replacement buildings to meet site needs.
  •      Provide campus specific improvements to provide children with safe, modern learning environments, including but not limited, replacement of worn or damaged paint and flooring, installation of shade structures, improvement of school grounds, and overhaul of restroom facilities.
  •       Purchase and installation of classroom furniture, fixtures, and technology that supports a safe, modern learning environment.
  •       Purchase and upgrade district systems that support energy conservation and efficiency, including:
    •       Air conditioning (HVAC) and heating
    •       Fire alarms, security cameras, and security systems
    •       Day lighting
    •       Interior/exterior lighting
    •       Above ground fuel tanks
  •       Purchase air conditioned, fuel-efficient school buses to replace vehicles in the Creighton fleet that are past their useful life.