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Academic Parent-Teacher Teams

(APTT Framework Developed by Dr. Maria C. Paredes)


To improve student academic achievement by increasing the quality and quantity of parent-teacher communication and interaction.

To implement a parent involvement model that is focused on coaching parents to become engaged, knowledgeable members of the academic team.

To establish high expectation agreements between teachers and families to optimize student learning.

Academic Parent-Teacher Teams

Two Components:

1. Three 75-minute classroom team meetings each year.

Six key elements:

  • Personal invitation by teacher
  • Review academic student performance data
  • Set 60-day parent-student academic goals
  • Teacher demonstration of skills
  • Parent practice of skills
  • Social network among parents and teacher

2. One 30-minute individual parent-teacher meeting (more individual meetings when necessary)

Three key elements:

  • Review student performance data
  • Create action plan to optimize learning
  • Social Network between individual parent and teacher