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Welcome Creighton School District!
Our goal is to provide an environment for our community in which all learners can achieve high academic, social and personal goals. We want our students to become caring responsible citizens who will contribute to our neighborhoods and community.
To achieve these goals, it is important for all students to develop positive school habits, including regular attendance, coming to school on time, completing class work and homework, following rules and procedures, and living the Lifeskills. These are all important behaviors that contribute to your child becoming successful.
We strongly encourage you to become involved with your child’s education at his/her school and in our District. Your support of your child is a critical factor in school success. Your involvement will communicate to your child, “I care!”
We look forward to collaborating with you to assist your child in becoming a lifelong learner. Parents who work with schools to support student learning will make the difference.
Join your school in supporting your child’s learning!