Tax Donation

You can support children and reduce your taxes through a Tax Credit!
What  is a tax credit?

A tax credit is a direct, dollar for dollar reduction from your yearly   state tax. The State of Arizona is allowing taxpayers to donate to schools and   deduct this amount from their state taxes.
How much can be donated?

Any amount up to the maximum allowable 2016 tuition tax credit as follows:  
Single or Head of Household: $200.00 
Married Filing Jointly: $400.00 
Married Filing Separately: $200.00
Where do the donations go?

You can donate to the school of your choice—you do not have to live in the Creighton School District to donate to one of our schools. Donations can fund extracurricular student activities such as after school sports, fine art/science/math clubs, Junior Ambassadors, academic decathlons, tutoring, or Summer Academy scholarships. You may donate to a specific program such as Junior Ambassador or Music Programs; or you can give to the school’s general extracurricular activity fund to be used wherever the need is greatest.

How can I find out more about Creighton schools and programs?

Call the schools or log on to the district website at and check out the schools and programs.
Biltmore Preparatory Academy 602-381-6160 
Creighton 602-381-6060 
Excelencia 602-381-4670 
Gateway 602-381-4665 
Larry C. Kennedy 602-381-6180 
Loma Linda 602-381-6080 
Monte Vista 602-381-6140    
Papago 602-381-6100 
William T. Machan 602-381-6120
How can I participate? 
To fill out a Tax Credit Donation, either click on the "Online Tax Credit Donation Form" for automatic secure submission to Creighton School District for processing, or you can select the file  at the bottom of the page, print and complete the form and return it with  your check or credit card information. To securely submit donations online use any of the following online secure forms:
(If you fill out the Online Tax Credit Donation Form, your Credit Card will not automatically be charged.  This secure form will be sent to the Finance Department at Creighton School District, and they will process the charge.  Once the charge is processed you will receive a receipt via mail.)
Please note that a specific School Name is required for the tax credit contribution, but a specific program need not be designated. We will send you a receipt for tax purposes.