Program Information

Creighton School District Preschool Education Program childhood special education program includes the six basic areas of early childhood development. Student experiences are provided in structured and unstructured activities in both small and large group and inpidual activities.

Gross Motor Development- large muscle groups involving balance and coordination, strength and stamina, sitting, walking, running, skipping, swinging, jumping, ball skills, climbing, and tricycle riding.

Fine Motor Development- small muscle groups involving using the hands for drawing, cutting, turning pages and small toy play.

Social and Emotional Development- support children to work cooperatively by turn taking, express feelings, and interact appropriately with peers and adults.

Articulation and Language Development- aiding the development of effectively communicating needs and ideas, listening skills, and development of sounds and speech skills.

Cognitive Development- addresses concept development, problem solving and organization skill, categorizing and school readiness skills.

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