Our Beliefs: A Guide for Our Actions

  • We Believe In:

    • Loving each child as our own.
    • Mindful, curious, and adventurous learning.
    • Safe schools that nurture mind, body, and spirit.
    • High expectations that promote academic growth.
    • The strength that comes from the diversity of our community.

Our Vision: An Ideal to Strive Towards

  • Our Vision: Creighton neighborhood schools inspire adventurous thinkers, collaborative learners, and kind-hearted leaders.

Profile of a Creighton Student

  • Upon promotion, a Creighton Eighth Grader is: 

    • An adventurous thinker who is:
      • Sharp, ambitious, and intrinsically motivated
      • Thoughtfully reflective about ideas and relationships
      • Adept at problem solving, critical thinking, and making connections
      • Curious, creative, and experiences the world with a sense of wonder
    • A collaborative learner who possesses:
      • Physical and social-emotional wellbeing
      • Strong life skills and habits of mind
      • Cultural awareness
      • Effective communication skills
    • A kind-hearted leader who shows:
      • Caring and generosity
      • Confident Self-Advocacy
      • Focus on Reaching Goals
      • Committment to Community Service