Google Workspace Transition

  • Creighton School District Email has officially transitioned to Google Workspace Mail and Calendar for all employees. 

    On Monday the 10th, you will stop using Outlook and begin using and The most recent year of emails and calendar items (including future events) will be migrated to your Google account on this date with older messages and calendar items migrating over the following 3-4 weeks. Please note that although outlook will still allow you to "send" emails, they are not actually being sent to the recipients. 

    Email Access:

    Calendar Access:

    If you need assistance, please call the help desk at 602-381-6015. 

    Additionally, Google Meet has replaced Webex for video conferencing and Google Chat is fully supported for instant business communications within the district. All of these tools, along with Google Drive are deeply integrated together for ease of access.


    Below is a list of FAQs regarding the transition:

    Will I lose access to the Outlook app or my phone app for email/calendar?

    On your work computer, you will use directly; there is no need for a separate application. On tablets and phones, the Outlook app will no longer be supported but we strongly encourage you to install and try the Gmail and Google Calendar apps. They’re similar to Outlook or the built-in mail apps, but are more fully featured. 


    Will I lose Word/Excel/PowerPoint?

    Microsoft Office will not be removed from any computers and we will continue to support Office for all staff as long as our Microsoft licensing is supported.


    Will my email address change?

    No, your email address won't change! You'll continue to receive all your email at your current company address.


    Are you migrating my email and calendar to Google Workspace?

    Yes, we'll migrate all of your email messages, calendar events, and personal contacts from Outlook to Google Workspace during non-business hours, so they'll be ready for you when you sign in to your existing Google account.


    Do I need to do anything after I get my Google Workspace account?

    You'll just need to complete a few simple tasks to complete your migration, such as re-creating any email rules you used in Outlook as Google Mail filters, and setting up your mobile device to access your services from anywhere.


    Will the IT department provide assistance during the transition?

    Members of the IT team will also be available to answer your questions or resolve any issues you encounter. You can also visit the Google Workspace Learning Center for guides, tips and examples of how to make the most of your new services. 


    How much time will it take to set up and learn how to use Google Workspace?

    You'll be able to master the basics, like sending and receiving email and viewing and scheduling meetings, very quickly. It may take more time to really learn to make the most of your new services, depending on how you currently use Outlook. For example, for a typical email and calendar migration, expect to spend a few hours over the course of a week or so to take the training, review documentation, and set up your services. If you also access email on a mobile device, plan on spending a bit more time.


    Is Google Chat subject to public record? 

    Like your email address, Google Chat, Documents, and other records are archived and subject to public records requests.


    We think you'll enjoy your new Google Workspace services, and we're committed to making this a smooth transition.