• The Creighton School District Warehouse serves the district by providing a variety of services including:

    • Maintaining an inventory of commonly used supplies, textbooks, and computer components.
    • Providing next-day delivery on all orders.
    • Coordinating and accomplishing the movement of all furniture and equipment throughout the district.
    • Providing services for all types of mail including intra-district, inter-district, and US Postal Service.
    • Coordinating the receipt and dispersal of large quantities of textbooks, computers, and equipment.
    • Tracking all capital expenditures and maintaining an accurate listing of all district capital assets.

    Occasionally, we have surplus material that is sent to auction. To view the surplus material, please click on this website.

    We look forward to serving you!

    Rene Martinez , Purchasing/Warehouse Manager
    Phone: (602) 381-6046
    Internal Ext.: 52501
    Fax: (602) 381-6043

Warehouse FAQs

  • Q: How do I know what supplies are available from the warehouse?

    A: Warehouse catalogs are available in two different formats. Printed catalogs are available from the site Office Manager or by calling the warehouse at 381-6046. You may also view the online catalog.

    Q: I want to order something from the warehouse. What do I have to do?

    A: Contact the site Office Manager to determine the ordering process at your site. All warehouse orders have to be input electronically through the Office Manager.

    Q: How long does it take to get a warehouse order delivered?

    A: Warehouse orders are delivered within 24 hours of the time that the school/department Office Manager inputs the order into the electronic requisition system.

    Q: How do I return something that I bought from the warehouse?

    A: Complete a Warehouse Return Form and send it to the Warehouse, Attention: Valerie Gere. Upon receipt of the form, the warehouse will generate a credit and schedule a pickup.

    Q: How do I return something to a vendor?

    A: First obtain authorization from the vendor to return the item. Complete a Vendor Return Form . If it needs to be shipped to the vendor via UPS, mail a copy of the form to the warehouse, attention: Valerie Gere. Upon receipt of the form, the warehouse will generate a pickup and ship the item for you. If no shipping is required, send a copy of the form to Accounts Payable.

    Q: When do I have to route items that I am purchasing through the warehouse instead of shipping them directly to my site?

    A: All items that are purchased using district funds should be shipped to the warehouse with a few exceptions. Those exceptions are items that require installation, subscriptions, library books, and unusually larger or sensitive items.

    Q: How long are student records kept on file?

    A: Permanent Record Cards are kept at the school site and are never destroyed. Information on the Permanent Record Card includes, but is not limited to the following: Attendance, Grades, Immunizations, and Student Identification Information. All other student records are retained according to the State of Arizona Records Retention Manual. Most student records are retained for two or three years after the final date of attendance at Creighton School District.

    Q: How do I get copies of my records?

    A: All records requests must go through the school site. Contact the school that you last attended. If your file has been forwarded to the district record storage area, the school will request those records for you.

    Q: I have something I need to mail for school business. What do I do?

    A: The warehouse provides a courier service and a United States Postal Service mailing service to all schools/departments. A blue (USPS) and gray (in-district & county) bag is provided at each site. For mail going to a site within Creighton School District or to another district within Maricopa County, place your items in an envelope, address it with the name, department/school and place them in the gray bag. If you are reusing an old envelope, please cross off all old addresses. For items that need to be mailed through the US Postal Service, place the addressed envelope in the blue bag. Postage will be applied at the District Mailroom and the mail taken to the Post Office. Note: Personal mail may be placed in the blue bag, but it must have postage already applied. Large items that will not fit in the bag may be placed on the floor directly below the bag.