Requirements for Participation

  • Requirements for Participation

    • Attend a Creighton school
    • Sports Physical
    • Attend the Sports Meeting (parents, student athletes, coach) for each season
    • Student Athlete Forms
    • Fees

    Sports Physical

    A pre-participation sports physical is required to participate in middle school sports. 

    Academic Eligibility

    Per Board Policy JJJ Extra Curricular Activity Eligibility, students must be passing (passing grades are a “D” or better) at the time of the athletic event in order to participate. Coaches will conduct weekly grade checks to ensure eligibility for all players. Coaches, students and teachers will communicate to ensure the student understands the area for improvement so that he or she will have the opportunity to raise his or her grade before the next week of games. Remember, our first priority as a school district is to develop kind-hearted leaders who not only have the athletic skills, but the social and academic skills and a sense of responsibility.

    Disciplinary Action/Participation

    Per board Policy JJJ Extra Curricular Activity Eligibility, students must be in good behavioral and academic standing to participate in athletic programs and specific events. During any suspension, students are not permitted to participate or be present during a sporting event for the duration of the suspension (Policy JK). School administration maintains the right to remove a student from a sports team if their behaviors are repeated and impede safety of the learning environment (policy JKDA). In the event of this proposed decision, the administration will provide written notification to the family with a rationale for the removal. The family will have five (5) days to respond and present their case for the student to maintain a position on the team.