Athletic Fees & Uniforms

  • Athletic Fees

    The Creighton School District Athletic Program has the following student participation fee structures: $25 per student, per season, $50 maximum fee, per student, for a school year or $200 maximum per family for all children, for all activities for the school year.

    The fees for athletic seasons are to be paid by all participants prior to the first game. If a student is unable to participate due to financial limitations, parents should contact the coach and site administration for financial assistance prior to the first game. No student will be excluded due to financial reasons. All fees are to be paid to the designated school office. Acceptable forms of payment include cash and check. Please note that fees are nonrefundable.

    Fees collected will pay for participation on the team, which includes, but is not limited to:  transportation, officials for each game, coaching stipends, equipment.


    Team uniforms/jerseys will be provided by the school for student use during the season. Student athletes are responsible for returning the uniform to the coach after each season. The Student Athlete Sports Fee supports the purchase of each school’s uniforms.