Play/Practice Time & Transportation

  • Playing Time

    All students who are members of a team in good standing, will have an opportunity to play in each game. The amount of playing time will depend on the athlete’s effort, attendance, attitude, behavior, physical conditioning, skill, and the number of students on each team. These are factors that coaches will consider as they make every effort to give each athlete playing time.  

    Practice Time

    Students must be present for the majority of practices to be prepared to play. If a student cannot be at practice, a written excuse should be provided by a parent. Any patterns in absences may adversely affect playing time.


    Transportation will be provided by the Creighton School District Transportation Department to and from all athletic contests. Buses will be provided to transport students back home in bus-only schools. Athletes are required to use district transportation to go to away games.

    Transportation will also be provided after school on practice days at sites that require bus transportation. The bus will drop students off at their usual bus stops.

    Students who do not have access to bus privileges due to living outside of school boundaries are responsible for securing timely transportation following practices and games.

    Athletes must follow all directions of bus drivers and comply with all rules regarding the bus. Any athlete who violates directions or bus rules may lose his/her bus privileges.