Dual Language Spanish Immersion

  • Biltmore Preparatory Academy and The Creighton Academy are dedicated, local, nationally, and internationally recognized Spanish Dual-Language Immersion Programs. The programs provide students with an opportunity to participate in a 50/50, two-way Spanish Language Immersion Program. 50% of instruction is provided in the partner language (e.g. Spanish) and 50% in English at all elementary grade levels for all students in the program, kindergarten through 8th grade (Kindergarten through 8th grade at The Creighton Academy). 

    Classroom instruction is delivered in one language at a time without translation. Biltmore Prep and The Creighton Academy primarily use a “Two Teacher Model” in which Teacher A delivers instruction in English and Teacher B in Spanish. Both teachers share two classes and students switch classes in the middle of the day. (Based on enrollment, a one-teacher model may be implemented, in which the same teacher delivers half-day instruction in English and the other half of the day in Spanish).

    Along with the acquisition of a second language, students are also immersed in the Spanish culture through assemblies and culturally relevant events and projects. A student's proficiency in Spanish is determined by using the Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages (AAPPL) test.
    Benefits of a Bilingual Brain: 

    • Comfort in a global society.
    • Increased creativity.
    • A boost in academic performance.
    • Emphasis on curiosity, cultural sensitivity, empathy, and tolerance.
    • Positive cross-cultural attitudes promote high self-esteem.
    • A gained awareness and appreciation for diverse cultures.
    • Acquired multitasking and metacognitive skills; encourages strategic thinking and problem solving.
    • Positive, confident, and excited about learning. 

Dual Language Schools

  • Biltmore Preparatory Academy 
    4601 N. 34th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85018
    Grades: K - 8
    Principal: Dr. Stephanie DeMar
    Assistant Principal:
    Front Office: (602) 381-6160

    The Creighton Academy
    2802 E. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85008
    Grades: K-8
    Principal: Ms. Katie Cartier 
    Front Office: (602) 381-6060