Reimagining Learning With Technology

  • At Creighton School District we are on the leading edge in providing the most current technology in our classrooms to enhance student learning. Through the use of technology, students are developing research skills, leveraging apps for learning by creating presentations and videos, as well as creating online portfolios that can be shared with their families or even used as part of their applications to competitive high schools. 

    iPads and Apple Devices 
    All Creighton kindergarten through eighth grade students receive 1:1 iPads in the classrooms.  With the use of iPads, students are creating presentations and video through the apps keynote and clips. Students are also using apps that focus on increasing literacy skills and math skills in a fun and interactive way. All student projects are uploaded to SeeSaw and can be viewed by their families. 

    Along with the use of iPads by students, teachers are also equipped with iPads and Apple TV's are installed in each classroom, so projects can be viewed in real time using Airplay and students can interact with one another digitally.