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Child Nutrition & Wellness

  • Our Role in Education

    Children spend 12 years of their youth in school developing their minds, bodies, and character in preparation for life. They're influenced daily by their school experiences that shape their lives and ultimately their future. The Child Nutrition Programs are an essential part of the total education provided to our students. 

    Research shows that well-nourished students are better equipped to learn and we play a vital role in fueling students for success. 

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  • Our Staff 

    The Child Nutrition & Wellness Department is comprised of approximately 70 employees. Their leadership team has more than 30 years combined of training and professional experience in food service and nutrition. Each school location is managed by a Cafeteria Supervisor who has completed an extensive food safety course and passed the nationally accredited ServSafe exam. 

    Together, we can make a healthy difference in the lives of Creighton's adventurous learners. 

  • Our Programs

    Breakfast in the Classroom 

    Numerous published studies show that academic achievement among students who eat school breakfast tends to improve, especially in vocabulary, math, and standardized tests. Students who eat breakfast at school also have better attendance and tend to behave better. That's why we serve breakfast in the classroom at no cost to students, district-wide. All Creighton students have premier access to a healthy meal first thing in the morning to set themselves up for a successful day. 

    Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program 

    USDA's Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program is a federally assisted program which provides free fresh fruit & veggies to elementary school students during the school day. Through this program we're able to introduce learners to a variety of produce that they may otherwise not have had the opportunity to sample and provide nutrition education through facts about the fruit or vegetable that they're sampling. Eight Creighton schools are eligible and participate in the FFVP. 

    Afterschool Supper Program 

    Afterschool meals contribute to the healthy growth & development of children by providing them with supplemental nutritious options once the school day ends. We serve hot supper meals, free to children, most days of the week and during scheduled breaks.