Nutrition Standards

  • USDA's National School Lunch & School Breakfast Program Nutrition Standards

    Breakfast & lunch menus are planned according to USDA's guidelines for the National School Lunch & School Breakfast Programs. Breakfast is served in the classroom district-wide. For lunch, students have the option to create their own meals by selecting from a variety of foods served. At minimum, students must pick 3 of these options (including 1 fruit or vegetable) and are encouraged to choose 1 from each category for maximum nutrition benefits:

    Entree + Fruit + Vegetable + Milk + Various Sides 

    All meals served must meet the minimum nutrition requirements that are federally mandated.

    - 1 oz whole grain-rich grains 
    - 1 cup of whole fruit or vegetable, and/or 100% juice 
    - 1 cup of milk 

    - 1 oz of whole-grain rich grains 
    - 1 oz of protein 
    - 1 cup fruit or 100% juice 
    - 1 cup vegetable 
    - 1 cup milk 

    A la carte (snack) purchases
    Snacks sold or served to students anywhere on campus during the school day must comply with federal & state Smart Snacks Standards. Per 7 CFR 210.11 the School Day is defined as the period from midnight before to 30 minutes after the end of the official school day. 
    - Must be a whole grain-rich product 
    - The first ingredient must be a fruit, vegetable, protein or dairy product
    - Must meet nutrient specifications as defined below under "Nutrition Standards"
    This includes food sold as fundraisers and any other food provided by Creighton employees which students may consume on campus during the school day. This does NOT apply to food that parents/guardians send in from home for classroom celebrations. Foods brought from home must be store-bought.

    To learn more about these programs and their nutrition regulations, please visit Arizona Department of Education - Health & Nutrition Services

    Special Dietary Accommodations 

    The Child Nutrition & Wellness Department has two Registered Dietitians on Staff that are here to assist students that have special medical needs that may require special dietary accommodations. This includes (but is not limited to) food allergies, inborn errors of metabolism, and neurological disorders. 

    We will work with the parents/guardians, school nurses, and the student's health practitioner to develop a customized menu to meet their needs. 

    Please download the Special Dietary Accommodations Form below and return it to either your school nurse or the Child Nutrition and Wellness Department. Please know that this form must be signed by a licensed physician. 

    Special Dietary Accomodations Form