Vision and Mission

  • Welcome to Excelencia School

    At Excelencia we are fostering compassionate leaders, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to serve and succeed in our diverse communities.

    Our mission: Teachers, families, and staff working together to provide student-centered learning, developing thoughtful and competent leaders, ready to advocate for and create positive change through:

    Collaborating-  Working with my community to achieve a common goal.

    Advocation-  Using my voice and my actions to work for the good of the community.

    Reflecting-  Thinking carefully about my opinions and actions to keep improving.

    Empowering-  Knowing I can do anything, and so can you!

    Serving as a leader- Setting an example and using my strengths to help others achieve and meet their goals.

    We Believe in:

    • Building inclusive relationships with all members of our communities, across generations and cultures,
    • Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion,
    • Recognizing that al students are equal in dignity and promise,
    • Rigorous academics, setting and supporting high expectations for all learners,
    • Instilling the belief in unlimited possibilities
    • Developing leaders through serving others