Academic Events

  • Student Recognition Assemblies

    In Loma Linda, a great tradition has been started with our Student Recognition assemblies. Each month, students come together in groups of grades K-4 and 5-8 to show off their college pride and kick off each assembly by presenting their class chants. Afterward, our Notable Scholars and Students of the Month are recognized by each class. Dr. De Mar also recognizes our teacher and staff member of the month, both selected by a team of teachers. The idea to start this tradition at Loma Linda came from our Upward Bound initiative that gets our students thinking about and planning for college as early as Kindergarten.

    So, if you're reading this on the last Wednesday of the month, ask Dr. De Mar to let you sneak in for a preview of this exciting tradition that we hope to continue here at Loma Linda for years to come.

    Love of Reading Week

    Love of reading week is an exciting time here in Loma Linda. Celebrated the last week of 3rd quarter, prior to spring break, students participate in different activities each day that focus on the importance of reading. Throughout the week, trivia questions are asked that focus on different levels of books. Students have the opportunity to answer them correctly and win a book as a prize. We also encourage students to donate books to our library to expand our selection.

    Contests are also a huge part of the love of reading week. Teachers bring out their best character costume for a friendly competition. All week there is classroom door decorating going on with winners being chosen on Friday. Teachers are also encouraged to buddy up with another classroom to do buddy reading. This allows older students to read to younger ones and build relationships throughout the grade levels.

    As all these activities are exciting and get kids reading, the new tradition that Loma Linda has started is having guest speakers come to campus. ASU football players started this tradition off with a Bang! Students were so surprised and thrilled to have a football player come read to their class. Not only was it inspirational to our students, but it also provided a positive role model for many of our students. Love of reading week is a fabulous time in Loma Linda!

    100th Day

    The 100th day of school calls for a great celebration. This day is to make children proud of their academic accomplishments as they move closer towards the next year of school. The classrooms are filled with academic activities designed around the number 100. Students in lower grades learn concepts based on 10, counting to 100 and learning that it is a new place value. In the upper grades, students incorporate 100 in graphing, fractions out of 100 or even reading for 100 minutes. Altogether, we recognize the 100th day as a day to celebrate 100 days of scholarly learning at Loma Linda.

    “It is important to come to school every day and not miss a day of learning. On the 100th day, we made 100 out of students for a picture. That was cool.”

    – Jennifer Guevara 6th grade Loma Linda

    Winter Festival

    The Winter Festival, “Winterfest,” is a much-anticipated event each year during the 2nd quarter here in Loma Linda. Winterfest brings together students, families, and the community for an afternoon of fun and entertainment. Grade level teams run a variety of food, craft, and game booths. Some favorites include: nachos, cake walk, fry bread, making ornaments, bingo, Root Beer floats, and beanbag toss. Music and band always put together an upbeat performance to start off the event. We’ve also incorporated such activities as Zumba dancing and a pie throwing contest and teachers. In addition to being fun, Winterfest is also a great way for grade levels to earn money. The money raised is put towards field trips and much needed classroom materials. Be sure to join us for our next Winterfest celebration! You will be glad you did.