• Welcome to Creighton School District!

    Our vision is for Creighton Neighborhood Schools to inspire adventurous thinkers, collaborative learners and kind-hearted leaders. 

    We believe in: 
    Loving each child as our own 
    Mindful, curious, and adventurous learning 
    Safe schools that nurture mind, body and spirit 
    High expectations that promote academic growth 
    The strength that comes with the diversity of our community 

Profile of a Creighton Student

  • Upon promotion, a Creighton Eighth Grader is:

    • An adventurous thinker who is:
      • Sharp, ambitious, and intrinsically motivated
      • Thoughtfully reflective about ideas and relationships
      • Adept at problem solving, critical thinking, and making connections
      • Curious, creative, and experience the world with a sense of wonder
    • A collaborative learner who possesses:
      • Physical and social-emotional wellbeing
      • Strong life skills and habits of mind
      • Cultural awareness
      • Effective communication skills
    • A kind-hearted leader who shows:
      • Caring and generosity
      • Confident self-advocacy
      • Focus on reaching goals
      • Commitment to community service

Our History

  • Located in the heart of historical Central Phoenix, Creighton School District has been a neighborhood staple since 1884. In our 135 years of providing excellent education for our families, we have seen the neighborhoods evolve into the vibrant and growing community it is today. Our schools are located in some of the fastest growing Phoenix neighborhoods, like Arcadia Lite, Green Gables, Loma Linda, Phoenix Homestead, and Monte Vista, making Creighton School District a destination district. Encompassing 10 square miles, we are home to 9 Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade schools serving approximately 5,400 students. 

    The district has been recognized both nationally and internationally for our sound business practices, a dual-language program at Biltmore Preparatory Academy and The Creighton Academy, Arizona School Administrators Association for Rookie Principal and Distinguished Administrator Superintendents Division, along with state and national recognition for our communication practices and technology in the classroom. 

    The vision of the Creighton School District is to inspire adventurous thinkers, collaborative learners, and kind-hearted leaders. 

    Ensuring students are equipped with not only skills to be successful in academics, but also the social/emotional skills necessary for a modern society. Our students are provided opportunities like full-day kindergarten, free and tuition-based preschool, mindfulness, gifted and talented, and state-recognized special education programs.