Papago Dismissal Procedures

  • Dismissal Procedures: Parent Information

    Our Goal: Safety and wellbeing of our students and families 

    Please help us by: 

    • Communicating with your child(ren) and teacher(s) the safest way for them to get home everyday.
    • Ensuring that all students in your family have the same dismissal tag.
    • Writing the names of all siblings on t
    • Selecting the consistent way for your child to get home everyday.
    • If you do not have a placard, please let your teacher know or pick one up in the front office.

    We have five dismissal areas: 

    1. Kindergarten- PURPLE

    2. Day Care- BLUE  

    3. Parent Pick Up-YELLOW 

    4. Drive-Through- PINK 

    5. Walker/Bike Rider- GREEN 

    Kindergarten- PURPLE

    Kindergarten drive-through students will be picked up from the kinder coop by a teacher and brought to the drive-through corral.  They will follow the drive-through procedures.

    All other kindergarten students will be picked up in the Kinder Coop by an adult guardian (except for the drive-through students).

    Day Care- BLUE  
    Day Care students are picked up by an organized Day Care group. They should be wearing a blue tag

    Parent Pick Up-YELLOW 

    Parent Pick Up are students who walk home with a parent.  This area  includes parents who park in a designated parking spot (not  the drive through), exit the car, and walk to the Parent Pick Up area.  This also includes parents who walk to the school to pick up their child.

    Drive-Through- PINK 

    Drive Through are students who are picked up by an adult in a car using the drive through lane in the east parking lot.  They should have a pink tag.  If your child is going to be a Drive Through student, it is imperative that your car has a placard in the windshield with your child’s first and last name(s) along with his/her grade level(s).

    All K-8 Drive Through students will be waiting in the Car Rider Corral.  Drivers picking up students will enter the east parking lot and remain inside their car at all times. Teachers will call your child and place your child inside the car at the far east end of the lot. 

    Walker/Bike Rider- GREEN 

    Walkers and bike riders are students who walk or ride their bike home without an adult chaperone. They should be wearing a green tag.

    Pick Up Map

    Papago Map 2

    Late Pick-ups 

    • Children who are still on campus at 3:35 will be escorted to the front office to sign in, make a phone call, and wait to be picked up.
    • When they are picked up, they will need to be signed out by an adult/guardian before they leave.

    Parents Making Changes to Pick-Up Procedures 

    • If you need to change how your child gets home every day, please let the teacher know through a note or a phone call to the school. The teacher will make the change with a new colored tag.
    • Please consider the importance of keeping your child(ren)’s dismissal plan consistent and only make changes if necessary.