Dress Code

  • Monte Vista students must comply with the following standards at school and school-sponsored events.

    General Standards

    Students will refrain from wearing clothing, jewelry, backpacks or other accessories that communicate, whether through language, images, symbols, artwork, color schemes or clothing styles: 

    • a message related to tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, and other items that cannot be legally purchased or possessed by minors

    • a message that advocates or promotes violence or terror

    • a message that is sexually suggestive, vulgar, obscene or plainly offensive

    • a message that would cause a reasonable person, as a student or staff member, to feel threatened, intimidated or harassed because of the person's race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation

    • a message expressing gang membership, affiliation or support

    Grooming Standards 

    • Student apparel should be neat and clean.

    • Middle school students may use cosmetics. Any use of cosmetics that give the student a disturbing or distracting appearance is prohibited. 


    • Sneaker-type shoes on physical education days with shoelaces that are an appropriate length; Shoelaces must be tied

    • All shoes must have a back or a heel strap (no shower shoes, flip flops or thong shoes, or house slippers allowed) 

    • All shoes must be safe (no “wheels in the heels” or cleats)


    • No dangling earrings or earrings that may interfere with physical education activities.

    • No hats or jacket hoods may be worn indoors (except for medical or religious purposes).

    • No headgear (i.e. bandanas, hairnets or do-rags) on campus.

    • Sunglasses may be worn outside during recess as protection from the sun, they may not cause a disruption or be worn inside.

    Universal Dress Standards


    • Clothing must cover the abdomen, back, buttocks, chest areas and undergarments. When standing with arms raised, tops must completely cover the midriff to the waist band. 

    • Monte Vista sports uniforms on game days

    • All bottoms must be fitted at the waist and be longer than mid-thigh and proportional to the student’s height. 

    • Belts with plain buckles (optional) must be secured at waist and buckled

    • Shoes must be closed-toed/appropriate for P.E. & less than 1” heels

    • 6-8 Students must wear a lanyard & school id at all times

    Not appropriate
    • No other colors, decorations, emblems, or logos

    • No undergarments showing

    • No skin-tight outer garments such as spandex is allowed, unless worn for a school-sponsored extracurricular activity (i.e. softball or dance),

    • No tube/halter tops, spaghetti straps, or tops that expose cleavage

    • No too loose or too tight clothing

    • No belts that are extra long, dangle, or have inappropriate logos

    • No trench coats and other oversized clothing at anytime

    • Flip-flops, slides, house slippers, high heels, shoes with wheels, sandals without back straps


    Uniform Standards (in addition to the general & universal standards)



    • Solid light blue, heather gray, white, or navy blue, collared uniform shirts only.

    • Short sleeve and long sleeve undershirts are acceptable when they are solid uniform colors only: light blue, heather gray, or navy blue.

    • MV House Shirts, Monte Vista Club Shirts, Terrific Kid/Teen shirts are also acceptable daily.


    • Pants, capri, skirts, shorts, skorts, and jumpers are all acceptable. 

    • They must be solid khaki or navy blue colors only. *Khaki is a color not a type of pant.

    • Heather gray, light blue, or navy blue leggings/tights may be worn under a dress, skirt, skorts, or any other type of dress.


    • Sweaters, cardigans, and crew-neck sweatshirts may be worn in the building. 

    • Solid colors only with no emblems or designs.

    • Hooded sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets or coats may only be worn outside.


    Not Appropriate


    • No non-uniform colors (i.e. black, burgundy, royal blue, etc.)

    • No designs, visible logos, or ornamentation.

    • Regular t-shirts, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, shirts with logos.


    • No cutouts, holes, ornamentations.

    • No black khakis.

    • No bottoms made of jeans, denim, spandex, or sweatpants.

    • Leggings are underneath skirts, skorts, and shorts only, not a stand-alone item.


    • Visible brand logos may NOT be larger than 3 inches by 3 inches

    • No black, maroon, or multi- color 

    Special Dress Standards

    Special Dress

    • House Meeting days: Students wear house shirts and regular uniform bottoms.

    • House Assemblies: Students may wear house colors at top and bottom.

    • Any School Day: Students may wear any award shirt (Terrific Kids), MV club or team shirt with uniform bottoms.

    • Student athletes are encouraged to wear sports/team shirts on game days with uniform bottoms.

    Dress Down Standards (in addition to the general & universal standards)


    • Pajamas, slippers, and other sleepwear are allowed on designated “Pajama Days” only.

    • All tank tops or sleeveless shirts must have a 2-inch strap.

    Not appropriate
    • No see-through clothing or equipment,

    • No cutouts, holes, or ripped jeans (unless tights are present under ripped jeans),


    Dress Code Violations

    Any student not in appropriate attire will be issued a Dress Code Violation (DCV) and be asked to change attire. If possible, he or she will be asked to change into a loaner uniform, issued by the school nurse. If a loaner uniform is not available, parents/guardians will be contacted to bring an appropriate uniform. In the case of a student refusing to comply with Monte Vista’s Dress Code, a discipline referral will be issued as well. All loaner items are to be returned to the Welcome Center.

    When a Dress Code Violation (DCV) is issued, the homeroom teacher will require parents to sign and return the DCV. On the third violation, a discipline referral will be issued and a parents' meeting will be required. 

    School administration reserves the right to make all final interpretations of this dress code policy.