Creighton District Governing Board Expectations

  • The Creighton School District Governing Board vision is to lead the district by actively engaging our diverse stakeholders and working together to create the schools we want.



    The Governing Board leads on student equity

      1. The Governing Board understands the impact of its decisions and District policies on our diverse student body.
      2. The Governing Board decisions are embedded with a student-needs’ orientation (policy discussions begin and end impact for students)
      3. The equity focus is reflected in all aspects of the Governing Board and District operations
      4. District continues to close the achievement gap and ensures all students have equitable access to district resources and support
      5. The Governing Board’s use of an equity lens is highly visible to the public


    The Governing Board operates effectively with professionalism and respect

      1. The Governing Board and Superintendent clearly understand their roles and responsibilities to ensure that all are working together to achieve the district vision and ensure accountability
      2. The Governing Board adopts clear expectations and protocols for Governing Board operations
      3. The Governing Board engages in annual self-evaluations and goal-setting to increase Governing Board effectiveness
      4. The Governing Board ensures effective leadership of the district through evaluation of the Superintendent
      5. All Governing Board members model professional behavior expected of staff
      6. The Governing Board clearly interprets its position on controversial matters pertaining to the District, thereby enabling the Superintendent to properly carry out the wishes of the Board.
      7. The Governing Board communicates views of personnel effectiveness, including views related to the Superintendent, in a confidential and professional manner.


    The Governing Board demonstrates leadership in authentically engaging our diverse community

      1. The Governing Board, to ensure better decision-making, should attend and be prepared for all regular meetings, study sessions, and executive sessions. 
      2. All Governing Board members should visit each school at least once per academic year, as measured by participation in school events and celebrations, engagement in conversations with administration and teachers and/or observations of teaching and learning
      3. All Governing Board members should attend at least one Community Council meeting, or other district-related community gathering, per academic year to gain information from parents and stakeholders about instructional needs of the district, as measured by attendance and participation in the meeting
      4. All Governing Board members should attend at least one district-wide event, i.e., new teacher orientation, Convocation, retirement celebrations, etc., per academic year to become acquainted with the personnel of the district, as measured by attendance and participation in the event
      5. The Governing Board regularly considers data from our diverse stakeholder groups


    The Governing Board provides sound legal and fiscal oversight on District budget and assets

      1. The Governing Board adopts a budget aligned with the educational vision and prioritizes the allocation of resources to improve student achievement and provide a core curriculum to all students
      2. The Governing Board ensures that resources are differentiated and prioritized to ensure the success of all students
      3. The Governing Board maximizes its limited resources to increase student learning
      4. The Governing Board will seek legal counsel on issues that may be a conflict of interest.