Sophia Carrillo Dahl, President

  • Sophia Carrillo Dahl

    Sophia is a first-generation American, a bilingual activist, and a strong, enduring mother of two school-aged children. Sophia is an active volunteer member of the “Moms Demand Action” organization and volunteers as a “Big Sister” to her local Big Brother Big Sister foundation. Sophia is also a part-time social worker with foster children and has a natural ability to see where change is needed and the drive to put those changes into motion.

    For the last eight years, Sophia has been actively involved in campaigns that unite educators, aid the children in the school district, and progressively strengthen the community. Sophia's passion lies in connecting with all people, providing an educated, supportive voice for those in her community that might not otherwise have one. Sophia has actively promoted and improved voting in “low-vote” areas. 

    Sophia's vision is simple, a message of unity between educators, children, schools, staff, and parents. With Sophia's experience and passion for children, her years advocating for change within education, she defines a catalyst for change that will amplify the district. 

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Heather Ayres, Clerk

  • Heather Ayres
    Heather Ayres was elected to the Creighton Governing Board in 2020.  She is an Arizona native, living in Mesa and Phoenix her whole life. She and her wife, Wendy, fell in love with the Creighton area and decided to buy a house there. Heather has been in education for over 20 years. She worked as a paraprofessional in Mesa for 3 years before earning her Bachelor’s degree from ASU in 2000, with a degree in Elementary Education.  She worked in Mesa for half a year as a permanent sub, then got a job in the Isaac School District where she still teaches 5th grade today.  She has served on many district committees, and has served as President of the Isaac District Education Association for the last 4 years.  She loves working together with the district to make sure it is the best place for students to learn.
    Heather is looking forward to learning more about the Creighton Community and working with students, parents, staff, and the community to make sure it reaches its full potential.  She is excited to serve in another district in a different capacity that brings about positive changes and celebrates the phenomenal things already happening in Creighton.

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Angel Campos, Member

  • Angel Campos

    Mr. Ángel Campos was elected to the Creighton Governing Board in November 2018 after being appointed in May 2018. He is a Senior Pastor and founder of “Monte Vista Cross Cultural Church”, a ministry that Mr. Campos and his wife Marisol Campos started in January 2006, along with their two older children. The church has turned into a fast growing and strong congregation of more than 200 believers from their surrounding community near Papago Elementary School. Mr. Campos has earned trust in our community, having participated as a volunteer at Papago since 2006. Which is the year he arrived in Phoenix from Tucson. 

     Mr. Campos and his wife, Marisol, have four children; Rebeca (15), Angel (14), David (10) and Isaac (9). His two youngest attend Papago School, and his son Angel has recently been promoted from 8th grade at Papago.  Mr. Campos arrived with his parents and siblings from Mexico as a young immigrant in 1985, and became a U. S. Citizen in May 2017.  As head leader of his church community, Mr. Campos has hosted different community service programs such as:

    •Summer lunch and dinner for Creighton District
    •Bike to School Day event
    •Food Drives

    In addition, Mr. Campos served as treasurer for “CEP” (Hispanic Pastoral Association in Phoenix and surrounding cities), a non-profit organization where he served from 2006 until April 12, 2017.  He is currently serving as Secretary for ABCOFLASH (American Baptist Churches subdivision) in the Arizona-Nevada area. 

    Mr. Ángel Campos loves music, and enjoys writing songs, playing his guitar and singing.

    To contact Mr. Campos click here.

Lindsey McCaleb, Member

  • Lindsey McCaleb

    Lindsey McCaleb has been in education for over 11 years, starting her career on the Navajo Reservation. She taught in the Creighton School District at Larry C. Kennedy for 5 years, following her Principal Internship at Gateway, and she has always worked in Title 1 Schools. Ms. McCaleb holds a Master’s degree in Administration and Supervision from ASU, and is currently the District Technology Coach for the Balsz School District. She is a life-long learner, continuing to work on certifications related to educational technology. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and painting.

    In her time in Creighton, Ms. McCaleb was a member and Communications Chair for the Creighton Education Association. She has volunteered with the Creighton Community Foundation, and participated on many committees, continuously learning more about how to improve the district, implement initiatives, and create positive school cultures that promote high academic achievement. 

    She also has experience and training as a Flipped teacher, effectively integrating technology into instruction for the purpose of enhancing and extending student learning. Her current role as Technology Coach has put her in a position to develop remote learning plans, train staff, students, and parents, and continue to work to ensure every student receives rigorous instruction during the pandemic. 

    Her focus as an education leader is on goal-setting that is aligned to the common vision, engagement in clear and collaborative communication, and organization of plans that prioritize the needs of the stakeholders. She is very data-driven and believes that all major decisions should be made with input from all stakeholders in the district and community. Ms. McCaleb firmly believes in equitable access to education and resources for all students, and that all students can find a path to success when we work together to provide opportunities. 

    To contact Ms. McCaleb click here.

Amy McSheffrey, Member

  • Amy McSheffrey
    This is Amy’s second term serving on the Creighton School District. Amy has lived in Phoenix, in the Creighton district, for twenty five years. She has two teenage children that have attended Creighton schools. Amy initially got involved with the Creighton school district as a committed parent volunteer at Biltmore Prep Academy. Amy served as PTO president and was instrumental in marketing and recruiting for Biltmore Prep’s Spanish Immersion program. Amy also recently worked with a group of parents to create and implement a very successful student exchange program with a school in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico as part of Biltmore Prep’s Spanish Immersion program. As a volunteer,  Amy has learned a lot about the challenges public schools face as well as the successes that are possible when you have the right team of people who are dedicated to making a difference for not just their own kids but for all of our children.  Amy comes from a family of educators and has been advocating for public education for many years. 
    Amy recently retired from a thirty year career in full service video production. Amy is an alum of ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism with a B.A. in Broadcast Production. After working in video production at Honeywell and Timberline productions, Amy started and ran her own video production company for over twenty five years. As owner of Chili Pepper Productions, she created many award winning corporate videos, television commercial, and fundraising videos for clients across the country and internationally.  

    Amy has been able to give back to the community by providing pro-bono fundraising assistance to non-profits through her video production and special event expertise.  She has also volunteered for, and served on many non-profit boards across the valley serving a variety of worthy causes.

    To contact Ms. McSheffrey click here.