Curriculum and Instruction

  • Our vision is for Creighton Neighborhood Schools to inspire adventurous thinkers, collaborative learners and kind-hearted leaders. Creighton is reimagining the way we think about traditional education, moving away from rows of desks, whiteboards, and worksheets to adaptive furniture that allows for collaboration, breaking down walls between classrooms for open-learning spaces, providing access to the latest technology, and creating opportunities for students to travel to places like China and Costa Rica!

    We believe education should be an adventure! Learn more about our signature programs: 

    • Arts 
    • Athletics 
    • Dual language 
    • Full day kindergarten 
    • Gifted and Talented 
    • Junior Ambassadors
    • Physical Education 
    • Preschool
    • Project Based Learning 

    All of these, and much more, are available to your child when you choose to send them to Creighton School District. To schedule a tour of our schools to see learning in action, contact the front office of the school(s) you wish to tour. 

    Explore the educational opportunity links on the left for more information 

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  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

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    Dr. Lorisa Pombo

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    Director Secretary 

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