Spanish Immersion Program

  • Biltmore Prep is the only K-8 Spanish Immersion School in Central Phoenix. Students promote from 8th grade with:

    Spanish Language Achievement Award (High School Credit) Biliteracy Award of Distinction (Path to the Seal of Biliteracy)Path towards becoming an A+ School of Excellence

    “One Language Sets You in a Corridor for Life. Two Languages Open Every Door Along the Way.” ~Frank Smith

    Spanish Dual Language Model


    50/50 Model
    Instruction is delivered in one language at a time. Math, Science & Spanish Language Arts in Spanish and English Language Arts & Social Studies in English.


    30/70 Model
    Instruction delivered in one language at a time. Social Studies, & Spanish Language Arts in Spanish and Math, English Language Arts, and Science in English

Spanish Immersion Program Goals

    • Accelerated growth in all subject areas
    • High levels of English & Spanish proficiency
    • An appreciation, understanding and positive attitude toward other cultures
    • A healthy self-esteem regarding learning another language

Proven Benefits of a Bilingual Brain

    • Reach a high level of proficiency in a new language at no cost to their English language development
    • Improved performance on tasks that call for increased attention, divergent thinking, pattern recognition, memory, critical thinking and problem solving
    • Improve executive function of the brain
    • Are better prepared for the global community and job markets where a second language is an asset
    • Develop an appreciation and positive attitude towards other cultures

What Does the Research Say?